Multi-cloud Professional Services

Supplying service delivery experts in multi-cloud.

Service Delivery Illustration supplies service delivery experts in multi-cloud (Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, Oracle, Cisco, ConsoleConnect, Aviatrix) networking, security, data backup, and unified communication while keeping a strict focus on:

  • clear, realistic, measurable business outcomes
  • achievable and agreeable business outcomes
  • performance outcomes
for and with each customer.

We usually end up transforming our supplier interest from a design thinking, and technical service level to a common business outcome to make sure we strategically get you to the stage you want your business to be in. delivers quality and innovative IT professional services either on client premises while adhering to strict health protection measures or from locations purposely dedicated to efficient remote working.

The two key offerings are:

Faster time to market assists businesses in reducing turnaround time to deliver business-critical designs and functional changes. The changes we get involved in tend to be around the following requirements:
  • Cloud migration from as little as transferring productivity tools to the cloud (e.g. Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Google Cloud integrations) to complex multi-cloud network bridging implementations
  • Zero trust access security understanding, implementation, and adoption Leveraging the exact Video Conferencing tools to enhance remote working experiences
Service efficiency constantly ensures service efficiency is achieved by leveraging up-to-date skilled technical resources for team augmentation where applicable on a per-project basis and leveraging the latest technology.Some of the base steps we follow:
  1. DiscoveryBefore we venture forward, we will understand your business needs, analyse your current IT infrastructure, communication tools and help you determine your destination, the outcome.To build the future however, we must first understand the present.
  2. Proposal & Statement of WorksNow we know your requirements, we will deliver a bespoke proposal and one or more Statement of Works. This outlines the full solution we believe to be the best fit for your business and a solution that will meet agreeable business and performance outcomes.
  3. Preparation and Outcome Based AgreementAt this stage, we will work with you to agree on all timescales, on an outcome-based agreement, and we will try to avoid any breaks in your business continuity while supplying our managed services.Transparency is everything.
  4. DeploymentStage 4 is the go-live.This stage will involve multiple steps depending on the services we have to supply. For example, we may need to migrate your data to a cloud-hosted service or fit new onsite equipment.Whatever your requirements, we will meet them within our different areas of expertise.
  5. TrainingTo help your team make most of your new services, we will work to provide a tailored range of training programs.Delivered in person or online, we can train administrators, internal training staff and even end users. We also deliver a 'walk around' service, where we come to your offices to deal with any queries that may arise while adhering to strict health protection measures.
  6. ReviewHere, we will review the whole process and make sure you are happy with what we have done. No business is an island. We are in this together. This is your chance to offer feedback on your experience and clarify the value you should see for your business.