Secure cloud networking software platform

Aviatrix Topology Illustration

Aviatrix secure cloud networking establishes an abstraction layer between the public cloud providers native networking and security constructs and the application to simplify networking in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle.

The Aviatrix Controller and Gateways are deployed as software in your VPCs and VNETs. The Aviatrix Controller provides programmatic control over the native constructs so you can easily take advantage of the cloud providers existing services. Additionally, the same Aviatrix Controller enables you to extend the native services by adding enterprise class control for hybrid connectivity, data security, multi-cloud operations, monitoring and troubleshooting.

Aviatrix Transit Setup Illustration
Aviatrix HPA Illustration

The platform can be deployed as part of your overall cloud or multi-cloud project to assist in fulfilling the following regular business use cases:

  • Implement advanced networking and security services not available from basic cloud transit offerings. Aviatrix centralised controller maximises transit network correctness and availability while allowing direct traffic engineering for optimal path routing, security service insertion and policy driven multi-cloud network segmentation.
    Aviatrix Cloud Networking Layer Illustration
  • Control remote user access to your cloud networks (VPCs / VNETs) from a security standpoint and to reduce latency during remote user access which will improve productivity.
    Aviatrix Firenet IllustrationAviatrix SAML VPN Illustration
  • Obtain a global operational view of your cloud/multi-cloud network using the Co-Pilot platform component.
    Aviatrix Copilot Featuers Overview Illustration