Console Connect Cloud Router

Cloud interconnectivity made easy

Console Connect Provider Illustration

Console Connect's CloudRouter® takes away the pain and complexity of network configuration and management by creating a private and secure Layer 3 network between your different network endpoints within public cloud networks and datacentre colocations.

CloudRouter® is an MPLS VPN IP-based infrastructure service that provides a private network connecting multiple locations globally for enterprises and service providers. Multiple applications can be supported on a single MPLS network with security and Quality of Service (QoS) equivalent to other Layer 2 technologies.

Short for Multi-Protocol Label Switching, MPLS is an Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) initiative that integrates Layer 2 link layer protocol details (bandwidth, latency, utilization) into a Layer 3 (IP) network in order to simplify and improve IP packet delivery and exchange. MPLS provides customers with a great deal of flexibility by allowing their data traffic to be assigned to different Classes of Service (CoS), inherently re-routes traffic around link failures, and provides granular traffic management. Console Connect's MPLS VPN service initially adopted the IETF RFC 2547bis architecture and has kept pace with the technology improvements and standards offered with RFC 4364 to deliver a flexible, customizable, any-to-any private network that allows customers to connect to cloud SaaS, their headquarters, branch offices, data centers, and other locations.