• Do you have the skills to accelerate your company's cloud journey?
  • Is your company network ready to be integrated with one or multiple clouds?
  • Do you require assistance to provide secure connectivity to your team?
  • How do you regularly perform company data backups to remain compliant?

Join us on one of our sessions to unleash your potential to have a successful journey to the cloud and capitalise on a long-term digital environment for your business.

VDC.cloud provides innovative business-to-business IT professional services that solve the lack of expertise to implement secure multi-cloud network infrastructure solutions, manage multi-cloud network infrastructure solutions, data backup challenges, security concerns around remote workers' day-to-day connectivity, concerns around applications security, and challenges around identifying optimised ways to securely interconnect existing on-premise networks with multiple public cloud networks.

The sectors we mainly serve directly are Finance, Legal, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Gaming, and sub-contracting for other IT engineering consultancies.

Why VDC.cloud

Companies' cloud strategies are now maturing. They are also starting to realise the following:

Systems architecture illustration
  • A single cloud is not fit for all requirements.
  • The different operational expense-based purchase models from cloud vendors, the different cloud network architectures, the different designs, and the ever-increasing challenge around staff up-skilling all lead to the approach of sourcing professional services from cloud specialists with up-to-date knowledge, skills, and work experiences.

VDC.cloud's objectives are to provide you with business solutions that deliver:

  • Specialised secure interconnectivity between customer on-premises networks and public cloud networks
  • Secure off-site cloud data backup, replication, and disaster recovery
  • End-user network & application access security (User VPN & Multi-Factor Authentication)
  • Cloud Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)
  • Cloud Managed Wi-Fi networks
  • Specialised services such as instant payments via open banking, ID verification, anti-money laundering checks, CME market data cloud distribution, document e-signature and web video calling
  • Technical support
  • Technical training
Green Forest Picture

VDC.cloud's expertise lay the foundation for each customer cloud transformation project. It also subsequently empowers us to help plant climate-resilient trees in collaboration with local partners in the UK and beyond to:

  • Conserve and boost wildlife biodiversity;
  • Make forests more resilient to future challenges;
  • Improve air quality, reduce climate change, and sequester carbon.
  • The average carbon footprint per person in the UK, per year, is 12.7 tonnes according to research carried out by our local partner. On average, one tree will sequester one tonne of carbon over its lifetime. VDC.cloud will expand its tree-planting activities to other locations over time.
  • We also do not pretend to be all things technology. So, we provide our customers with our technical expertise and enable a path for each customer to follow up and concentrate on delivering compliant data-driven applications with the additional freedom to leverage their own skilled software developers, and most importantly, help to avoid cloud vendor lock-in scenarios as much as possible.
Mission Statement Illustration

Mission Statement

The pathway to a career in technology is often unclear, haphazard, and informed by popular/media discourses. VDC.cloud's mission statement is to engage, educate and empower minds from different socioeconomic backgrounds to be the best cloud networking experts. We aim to promote, develop, educate, and provide the opportunity to learn and understand secure cloud networking, which we believe will provide them with the opportunity to progress and excel.

Vision Statement

Our vision statement is to primarily become the leader in supplying secure cloud networking solutions in England and Singapore.

Our Values

  • Equality Everyone matters, irrespective of position or age.
  • Humility Superiority has no place.
  • Transparency Honesty is the best policy.
  • Adaptable We firmly believe in working in an agile manner. We thrive on flexibility and adapting to change.
  • Excellence Do good by going above and beyond expectations. We do not settle for 100%. We aim higher.
  • Gratitude Giving is gaining. We encourage staff to take at least one day a month to volunteer in any capacity.
  • Ethical VDC.cloud only partners with organisations that practice ethical behaviour. We encourage our employees to always think of the way they would like to be treated, and to consequently treat their co-workers and customers in the same manner.
  • Empowerment Our employees are empowered through education. All staff are encouraged and given the opportunity to improve their skillset through further education and courses of their choice, irrespective of the relevance to their current role.

Key Industry Partnerships

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VDC.cloud is engaged in value-add reseller and integrator agreements with carefully selected industry partners:

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  • GCP Partner logo
  • AWS Partner logo
  • Veeam Partner logo
  • Aviatrix Partner logo
  • Aviatrix Training Partner logo
  • Cisco logo
  • Duo Partner logo
  • Netskope logo
  • Cast AI Partner logo
  • Equinix Partner logo
  • Fortinet logo
  • Prosimo Partner logo

VDC.cloud Companies

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  • VDC.cloud Professional Services Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales (No. 07083154).
  • VDC.cloud Professional Services Asia Pte. Ltd is a company registered in Singapore (UEN: 202106665H).
  • VDC.cloud Managed Services Ghana Ltd is a company registered in Ghana (No. CS287762018).

The different companies listed above mutually use the trading name 'VDC.cloud' and the website https://vdc.cloud to promote and subsequently provide all VDC.cloud services.

About Our Managing Director

Leon N'guetta

Leon N'Guetta

Mr. Leon N'Guetta proudly leads VDC.cloud's growing and globally dispersed team while ensuring the supply of needed experience and technical expertise remain the strong focus. Leon has 18+ years in IT infrastructure with a successful track record of delivering multi-cloud business solutions to an array of sectors. Leon is passionate about helping customers solve their IT problems by spearheading transformation, maximising business value by reducing operational cost yet enhancing it - in today's market - and making sure to re-invest portion of revenues into restoring climate resilient trees.