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What We Offer

Outcome Based Managed Services

The outcome based managed services supplies with its subject matter experts in networking infrastructure, zero trust access networking security, cloud infrastructure, cloud platform and applications keep the strict focus on:

  • clear, realistic, measurable business outcomes
  • achievable and agreeable business outcomes
  • performance outcomes

for and with each customer.

We usually end up transforming our supplier interest from a design thinking, technical service level to a common business outcome to make sure we strategically get you to the stage you want your business to be in. delivers quality and innovative outcome based managed services either on client premise while adhering to strict health protection measures or from UK-wide and global office locations purposely dedicated for efficient remote working.

The two key offerings are:

Faster time to market assists businesses in reducing turnaround time to deliver business critical functional changes. The changes we get involved in tend to be around requirements in:

  • Cloud migration from as little as transferring productivity tools to the cloud (e.g. Office 365, SharePoint, G Suite integrations) to complex multi-cloud networking implementations
  • Zero trust access security understanding, implementation and adoption
  • Leveraging the exact Video Conferencing tools to enhance remote working experiences

Service efficiency constantly ensures service efficiency is achieved by leveraging up-to-date skilled resources for staff augmentation where applicable, processes and technology.

Some of the base steps we follow:

Cisco Duo Security works diligently to promote and resell Cisco Duo products in order to help protect your workforce with simple, powerful zero trust access security. We are a registered Cisco Duo managed services provider and we take our position seriously to help organisations to remain secure from an access security standpoint.

With Duo, You Can

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What is SWAPP?

SWAPP is a carefully engineered, secured, and simple video conferencing webapp built with zero trust security and customisation possiblilities.

It can be accessed using:

  • A standard web browser
  • The Cisco Duo Mobile application (available on Android & iOS only) for user authentications
  • A computer integrated/external camera
  • A computer integrated/external microphone
  • An email account in order to receive meeting invites

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My Remote Tutor

My Remote Tutor is a platform service offering built to link students with the right tutors online. They can engage on one-to-one or group sessions anytime, anywhere.

My Remote Tutor makes learning fun! A remote tool where students can receive learning reinforcement. Tutors can explain tricky concepts while making each session valuable and enjoyable.

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Aviatrix Multi-Cloud

Enterprises are turning to public cloud for business transformation. In doing so they face new networking challenges such as manual routing updates, native limitations and lack of visibility. Whether you use a single cloud or multiple clouds, Aviatrix delivers solutions to simplify your journey to cloud. works diligently to promote, resell and integrate Aviatrix products in order to service customers multi-cloud network and security requirements.

Introduction to Aviatrix

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Our Features

Key Advantages

Secure &

Benefit from's best-practices and experience to aid in enhancing your network infrastructure and your data security while ensuring minimal downtime.

Cloud Services Expertise is experienced at delivering advanced Multi-Cloud services with clear operational visibility. We will recommend and work on the most suitable solution to meet your requirements.

Improved Remote Working

Remote workers accessing applications via a secure cloud infrastructure and fast internet speed. We take care of your users secure connections uptime.


Billing that gives you a constant and clear view over your cloud expenditures to reach IT operational expenses stability and a reduction in IT capital expenses.

About Us at

Who Are We? is a vibrant, innovative and forward thinking UK focused company with a global mindset in operation since 2011 .

We currently provide professional and managed services on all aspects of Multi-Cloud networking, cloud security, cloud communication and smart market data cloud distribution.‘s ultimate objective is to improve and simplify your overall work experience. We are confident that an initial consultation with one of our certified specialists will set you on the path to achieve this for the long term. We also pride ourselves in ensuring that all our business customers stay relevant, protected from ever-changing security threats, compliant, and connected to achieve more; faster than ever before.


Our strongest technical skill-sets lie in the following specific areas of focus:

1- Multi-Cloud network architecture, security architecture, design, implementation and support by leveraging the Aviatrix Multi-Cloud Network Management Platform, Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Fortinet, Palo Alto and Cisco Duo

2- Dedicated hybrid cloud networking and security solutions from on-premise to the cloud via Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric global interconnection services

3- SWAPP, an exclusive cloud communication service strategically engineered for professionals in the legal, financial and insurance sectors, that handle and discuss volumes of confidential information. (Available on a Trial before Signing-up)

4- CLOUD ALPHA, smart market data distribution services over secure and compliant Multi-Cloud connections to enable customers with access to real-time, ten (10) minutes delayed and end-of-day market data as view-only and/or for further automated & compliant processing.

We have strategic partnerships in place and are subject matter experts in the following cloud technologies:

Leon N’Guetta

Leon N’Guetta leads’s growing UK and globally dispersed team as the Owner, Managing Director & Certified Multi-Cloud Expert while ensuring experience, expertise and excellence remain the strong focus as services are provided at all times across the globe. More info on Leon can be read from his LinkedIn profile:

Our Coverage

Industries addresses and delivers on the specific requirements of the following sectors:

  • Legal
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Other Technology Services Providers

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Where to Find Us

United Kingdom

  The Stanley Building, 7 Pancras Square, London, N1C 4AG.


  24 Raffles Place, #10-05 Clifford Centre, Singapore, 048621.

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